Making of tailored hat

We create a unique design customized to your imaginations, for daily wear or extraordinary events such as horse racing, polo tournaments, weddings or balls. Your hat will be unique in its design, shape and colour.


About brand

Libka Safr Millinery is an original Czech brand creating handmade production of hats and headpieces. Each model is handcrafted and every component or fabric we use comes from Czech Republic workshop. That’s why our creations represent 100% Czech unique design. We proudly represent and maintain the millinery tradition. Our workshop is located in center Prague Vinohrady, where our models from design to final realization are born. In cooperation with cult film studios Barrandov, famous even in Hollywood, our products get the final sewing touch. Design and final shape of each model is designed by Libka Safr Šafranková herself and breathes life into every hat or headpiece leaving the Libka Safr Millinery studio.

About founder

Libka Safr Šafránkova is a Czech journalist, writer, designer and economist. Then she studied clothing design and marketing at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. Since 2007 she has been working in media and founded the first online fashion TV Fashionstars TV and worked in many magazines and tv’s as an editor or image maker. In year 1999 she founded her own clothing brand Libka Safr. In 2010 she stopped creating the clothing collections and fully devoted herself to hats design, which she successfully presented in England, USA or UAE. She participated in American TV show Fashion Hero as a judge. Her hats were also worn by Princess Tessy de Luxembourg as part of a presentation in London.